Bicycle steeple Bruges Belgium

I am sitting here in my twin bed (what?!?) in my Paris hotel room in the early evening of Day 8 writing about Day 4 in Bruges! I would write more if I only had the time and energy, but I am hitting the ground running every morning and crawling into bed at night from exhaustion. The only thing I forgot to plan for was energy at the end of the day so I could share all the details of my trip.

The one thing I’ve learned is that I will get a sore throat and become ill when I cram in too much or when working through a stressful situation. The only thing that prevents that from happening is to stop and rest. Day 4 in Bruges was that day. It was raining (another common theme of this trip) so I just thought I would wander the streets (which is easy to do because I get lost all the time) in the morning and see what the day unfolded. What unfolded in this charming city…so quaint and delicate…was that it was clear that it was a perfect little town. I knew that there were a series of four windmills running alongside a canal and near my B&B. Fantastic! Except that it was windy and raining when I wanted to photograph them, so the best I could muster was this photo. What I love is the solution for mowing lawns on slopes!

Bruges windmill lawn mower Bruges Belgium

A remote-controlled lawnmower! (I just looked at this image….trust me when I tell you that it was raining!)

By chance, I miraculously made my way to Bruges Markt and wandered around. I saw what I thought was a local Belgian resident sitting on this stoop, and I knew I wanted to photograph her. I immediately loved my image, and I approached her to show her the picture. I didn’t think she could speak English, but it turned out that she was an American tourist who was only resting her feet for a bit! She loved my image so much that she told me she was going to have her husband take the same shot of her when he returned. So glad I could help! What?

Bruges Markt woman Bruges Belgium

Bruges Markt wooden statues Bruges Belgium

Markt woman bicycle Bruges Belgium

Bruges Markt in the rain

Horse carriage Bruges Belgium

Before I left for my trip, one of the first things I wanted to was to go on a canal ride. However, as soon as I saw the hordes of tourists lining up, for some reason, I just knew that I didn’t want that to be a part of my trip. Have I done touristy things on this trip? Absolutely. Perhaps my reasoning was that I preferred to walk along the canals so I could see the exquisite details of each town. But I also might have in the back of mind that I will save my canal ride for when I’m in Venice.

Canal boats umbrellas Bruges Belgium

Canal boats Bruges Belgium

Canal bridge Bruges Belgium

Bruges canal water Bruges Belgium

Bruges canal willow Bruges Brussels

I made my way back to the B&B and took a long nap and only headed out to eat an early dinner. On the way home from dinner, the sun peeked out just for a moment.

Belfry of Bruges Belgium

Belfry of Bruges

I slept well that night, despite my having a nap. I packed up for my next adventure, heading to Brussels. I had no idea what an amazing day it would be.

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